The Social and Economic Development Project

The Vallejo Buying Club 

Operating since 1990, The Vallejo Buying Club was founded to meet a need in the community. It was created when the local markets didn’t carry many specialty foods. Its purpose is to offer bulk food options; including organic foods, personal care items and non-food products. 

How it works: The Vallejo Buying Club collects orders every few months from our distributor: United Natural Foods. The order is due on Wednesdays, sent to the company and then delivered the following week where it is sorted and stored (including refrigerator and freezer space) until the orders are picked up later that day. 

Filling the need of our diverse community: Throughout the years, the club has ordered food for vegetarians, Feingold families, vegans, organic foods only people, special diet families, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Pagans, Batik’s. We mainly order in bulk for people who want to stock  up. For more information and an e-catalog, contact