Baháʼí Activities

Devotional Gatherings 

We come together to pray. We gather in parks, gardens, and houses. As a local community, we have no formal place of worship. In the Baha’i Faith there are no clergy and there is no collection plate. Our neighbors and friends gather with us without obligation.

    Meeting ID: 893 3330 1201

Passcode: 9

Informational Meetings 

These meetings are by request. Contact us at for any of these events. 

Study Circles

Study circles are a series of courses available for ages 15+ designed to help individuals create a conscious basis of a life of service to humanity, and to find practical applications of spiritual principles. They focus on how to walk a path of service in our neighborhoods through studying our twofold moral purpose together and through specific practices.  

In the first book, Reflections on the Life of the Spirit, three aspects of identity are explored and uses this quote “The betterment of the world can be achieved by pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct” to begin a look at selected positive attributes we should strive to develop. Next, we see how our daily prayers strengthen us and learn to memorize several. Finally we discuss how these daily practices and acts of service in the community make a difference to our souls. The way the book is ordered enhances a vision of life that is centered on God and His Revelation rather than one's own self.

Every book builds on the previous, adding new insights and skills needed to strengthen our inner selves and build a moral society. They are usually conducted in small groups with one individual serving as a tutor to facilitate the learning process. Study circles are open to everyone regardless of spiritual beliefs.